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If you are looking for a specific item or just browsing for ideas, it would be pleasure to help you!

I have been an account executive for Halo Branded Solutions for over 20 years. Halo is the largest promotional company in the US. Many benefits come to my customers because of Halo’s relationships with our trusted vendors.

Would you like a one-stop place for all your marketing needs? You can count on me to provide:

  • Creative ideas using the newest and most popular items in our industry.
  • Courteous and quick responses to your requests.
  • On-line company stores & web purchasing options including form overview documents.
  • Fashionable corporate apparel professionally decorated with your custom design.
  • Trade show promotional products.
  • Appreciation gifts for you customers and employees.
  • Recogniton awards and or programs that reward longevity, teamwork and safety.
  • Exposure to the latest new items in our industry.
  • Uniform programs.
  • Custom packaging and kitting.
  • International and domestic shipping services.

I enjoy partnering with my clients to achieve their projects goal. As your partner, you can count on me to protect and promote your corporate brand, provide excellent customer service and supply unique products to fit all budgets.

Contact me right away for help!

George Fergus

How to use this website:

Browse through any of the catagories in the pink row at the top of the page, the “Trending catagories” in the center of the page or the live items under those. Anywhere you see a category, you can click on that to find that group of items. When you find an item you like, click on it and scroll down to the “Request Info” and the “Request Quote”. Request info is simpler to fill out and once you do, it sends an e-mail to me to follow up on. The “Request Quote” Requires more info while still sending an e-mail to me. This one requires approximate delivery date, delivery location, etc. but is more complete. Or you can call me or e-mail me separately and we can talk about your project!

Be sure to check out the “HALO Essentials Catalog” see the pink button directly above this in the middle of the page. These are the most popular items at the best pricing we give! For questions or info about items in this catalog, e-mail me directly. You cannot add to your cart with this catalog.

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